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i have a dream

i am the type of person that thrives on a game plan. most of my life is carefully scheduled so that i stay on track. so for this venture in my life it is no different.

Step one in Operation gia’s custom cakes:

Make lots of cake. it doesnt matter the occasion. celebrate the fact that its christmas time. new year’s. valentine’s day, st. patties day. you name it ill make it. Show as many people as possible.

Step Two:

Get my name out there. go to every local business in the area concentrating on food centered commerce. go to the schools and offer free cakes to classes. go to the community center. tweet like crazy and update my blog constantly. this blog will be my modus operandi. my opus of create a legacy in this fast paced world.

Step three:

Promote, Promote, Promote. it really is the only way. given two stores both offering the same exact menu and prices with one store puting a major emphasis on achieving a brand leaving the other store in the dust.

Although my plan is more extensive I shall get into more of this later. As for now you have a general idea in the direction i am taking this blog of mine. this site is documenting my journey to finding myself.

Posted by: pigdaysofsummer | December 20, 2009

love and all other disasters

i am a firm believer in soul mates. its true. not only do i love romantic comedies but i like to think that it can happen in real life. in my honest opinion i think that there is a match out there for everyone. but what is so bad in believing that fairytales exist? you can not deny that with the 6 billion people that habitate this earth that there is not at least one person for every person.

my search for my soul mate has so far been quite unsuccessful. Dont get me wrong, there has been the occasional fling that disguised itself as true love, but i have yet to find my other half. my internal clock is ticking though. the whole reason behind getting a pig, well a major one, is because i have been feeling those motherly urges i have heard something about.

i find it extremely frustrated that the one person that i lust for the most, is the most difficult to conquer. well i don’t know if i should put it that way. however, my efforts shall be rewarded i believe. everyone has a breaking point and i think i may have succeeded in the most herculean of feats. they say that patient is a virtue, but i rather not be virtuous if it means i must endure this never-ending waltz of emotions.

But one must reap what they have sown. if not for the arduous necessity of it all, the effort put forth might as well be useless.but in this day and age with the propensity for technology with the world at your fingertips it is a but more difficult to restrain from sinister behavior.

will power is the answer. one must exhibit a certain amount of self control upon one’s self if they are to reach their ultimate pinnacle nirvana. if not for restraint we would all be but mere blood thirsty savages. thankfully, that is not the case in this situation.

But who has the right to mess with destiny? I mean if the idea of complete and true love were relevant, which they are, then why shake your fist at the fates. it is quite an obscure reaction to the invariable that causes bouts of chaos and unrest.

must we take newton’s law into account when we say that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. the debate of philosophy vs science is as old as time itself. when man first began to ponder of existence and being is why we evolved into the sophisticated species that exists now.

one must choose the path that fits them the most. there are people of reason and then there are people of faith. although i like to believe that can truly coexist, there is a decent population of society which stick to their principles and beliefs.

for now i think i shall keep my “delusional” state of mind, at least for now. one must often escape the cohorts of realities monstronsities for a brief moment in time. everyone has the chance to be someone else every once in a while. it is how we maintain our sanity in the most dark and dreary of worlds.

I suppose that shall be all for now. I would quite enjoy to hear someone else’s perspective on the subject or anything related.

do you choose science over beliefs?

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no rest for the wicked

I decided that today I would take a moment and discuss where i have my place of employment. My line of work is in the ranks of some of the deadliest occupations with in the likes of deep sea crab fishing. The peril involved is extreme yet the compensation for danger is minimal.

What is it you ask? I deliver pizza.

Although there is much to fear while bringing the masses a warm meal, the rewards are far greater. It is one of the easiest jobs to learn and perfect. Tip based pay is one of the best and worst aspects. Some nights I will come home with 70-80 dollars whilst other nights I may bring home only 5. It really is a toss of the dice, however, there are ways to steer the odds in your direction. Friendly demeanor, speediness, correctness of order all contribute to slightly higher tips. Being an attractive woman doesn’t hurt much either.

And unlike other jobs, I get a break everytime I have a delivery. It is awesome. Music is also a plus, although one should invest in a music playing device such as an i pod or collection of compact discs(Pandora is my best friend), because the radio will get old quickly.

Even though I do not plan on having this occupation forever, for right now it suits me. In the not so distant future I have big dreams of grandeur when I open up my very own bakery where I will bake the grandest of cakes for the most elite clientelle. Those will be the days. Sigh. For now I am content in my current situation.

The people who I work with are another main reason for why I love my job so much. I basically get paid to hang out with my friends. There is the occasional bad apple but overall I enjoy everyone whom i work with.

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Meet Penelope

Love comes in many forms, but in my eyes it comes in the carnation of an adorable three week old baby miniature pig named Penelope. Never would have I ever thought that I could love something as much as I love those two pounds of perfection. The societal norm is for the population to have pets that are to be expected as the typical go-to pet of American society, however, I have decided against that prejudice and decided to break the unseen bonds of familiarity with my choice in companion.

Stepping outside of of the so-called box is something that I prefer to do quite often. Why settle for mediocrity when there is the possibility for extrodinary greatness. The answer to that is a simple as a quote from the wise mouth of Buddha “He is able who thinks he is able”.

If every single person you met was cut from the same die, then the world would be an incredibly  monotonously mundane existance. Therefore, I am grateful for the melting pot of humanity. It makes every single day different from the last.

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Every day is a new beginning

My life is a series of spontaneous epiphanies. It is just a cascade of lineal events that lead to the inevitability of eternal nothingness. Death is just a mere blip of this fabric of existance. My advice to a happy life is to take in every experience to the fullest with the most vigor you can conjure.

A few things reguarding the organization and atmosphere of this blog.

The first thing is

1. By no means am I a professional writer so there will be the occasional mistype or mispelled word. If you don’t like it, feel free to move on.

2. This blog is about my life. If you do not like the opinions expressed here you are more than welcome to discuss them in a mature nature.

3. if you comment something that I feel is inappropriate, I have the right and priveledge to remove whatever I feel is unneccessary.

4. Welcome. I want you to feel as though this is your blog as well. I welcome discussion and off the wall opinions. As long as you  play nice we shall all have a good time.